Testosterone Boosting Exercises

How To Boost Testosterone With Exercises

Its a well known fact that to maximise gains from your workouts, you need to try and elevate your natural testosterone levels. This crucial hormone is essential to virtually everything testosterone-1male, none more so that the development of lean muscle mass and strength.

Many bodybuilders turn to the use of anabolic steroids to try and boost their testosterone levels and as a result, their muscles, but with the risks and potential side effects linked to these treatments, its generally considered to look to more natural ways and methods to help boost this essential hormone.

The use of good natural Testosterone boosters are one safe way of doing this, there are as well some highly useful exercise techniques that have a massive effect on hormone levels.

Such Exercises Include:

Compound Exercises

this group of exercises tend to work more than one muscle group at once, they help to boost testosterone levels and build lean muscle generally faster than virtually any other exercise type.

Its been discovered that more frequently that you perform these exercises, the faster and better the gains.

Compound exercises include

  • Dead Lifts
  • Bench Presses
  • Squats
  • Close Grip Presses
  • Back Rows

olympic-bench-press-627-pGo Heavy

Lifting lighter weights will increase your endurance, but they will not really do much in the way of increasing testosterone levels, the best way is to increase the weight and reduce the reps – say instead of 10-15 reps per set, choose a weight that you can only manage between 4-6 reps. This will help boost testosterone levels and help decrease estrogen production.

Dont Forget Cardio

Losing weight is a great way to boost testosterone, excess body fat is a sign of increased estrogen, which impedes the production of testosterone. between 45 minutes and an hour of swimming, cycling, rowing or running each week will help dramatically – don’t forget that cardio is also a great way of ensuring heart and vascular health.

Olympic Lifts

The ultimate work out lift, with numerous variations of snatches and cleans, this form of weightlifting-1lifting is essential to maximising testosterone by natural means…

When adding these to more traditional lifts such as upright rows, dead lifts and push/press exercises, the results can be inspiring..

When combining these exercises with a good natural Testosterone booster, the results can be really noticeable in (sometimes) a quite short period of time.

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