Diesel Test Review

Diesel Test Review

Looking for a way to jumpstart your workout, packing on more lean muscle mass and getting stronger in the process? If so, you might be thinking about using a testosterone boosting product.

Testosterone boosters are very hot right now as many people think that they are the secret DTH_large1to massive gains. And they can definitely help you out – if you choose the right product that is.

Sadly though, there are many products on the market that don’t quite stack up, so thinking about this carefully before choosing your product is vital.

Let’s take a closer look into one particular product – Diesel Test and what you should know about it.

About Diesel Test

The idea behind Diesel test is that it is going to work to accomplish four goals. It will (we are told) increase free testosterone levels, increase total testosterone levels, decrease your estrogen levels, as well as help to combat cortisol release.

Since these are all hormones that will determine the rate of muscle gains that you experience, it would seem to make sense that the better you are able to control them, the faster your progress will be.

What’s interesting about this product is that there are separate dosing information based on what you are primarily using it for. You can use it to increase your testosterone and libido levels, which will have you taking the highest dosage per day, or if muscle mass is not a desire for you, you’ll reduce the dosage and it acts primarily as a libido and sexual performance enhancer.

DTHC1Finally, if you simply want to have more intense sexual activity, you can take the lowest dosage and see some benefits.

So this product can accommodate a few different goal sets.

The Ingredients 

The primary ingredients found in this product include vitamin B6, Zinc, selenium, copper, as well as a proprietary blend that contains a number of other herbs such as Tribulus Terrestris, horny goat weed, ginko biloba, as well as ginger and Mucana Pruiens.


  • Is an all natural product
  • Can be used for those who don’t want to build muscle but just enhance sexual performance


  • Claims made by the product have not been supported by the FDA
  • You will need to cycle this product or it may lose some of the benefits it provides
  • Some people will experience marked increases in their aggression levels
  • Some may find that it increases sex drive a little too much and will need to cut back on the product
  • The proprietary blend doesn’t tell you how much of each ingredient you are taking in, so there’s very little way to assess side effect risk or what you are paying for

The Verdict 

All in all, because this product is a proprietary blend, it’s a little hard to trust. One always has to wonder when companies won’t list precisely what and how much of each ingredient is contained in their product. What do they have to hide?

Diesel Test does not state exactly what you’ll get, so tread lightly. It also doesn’t provide any performance enhancing effects for the gym, so all in all, if muscle gain is your goal, there are far better products out there for you to consider.

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