The Affects Of Testosterone

What Is Testosterone

Thinking about increasing muscle mass? Building a stronger physique?

Lifting weights and regular exercise is just part of the process.  Have you noticed how some men who work out regularly exceed the muscle mass and strength of others who have a similar workout routine.


In fact there are men who are frustrated by their lack of progress (like hitting the wall) no matter what you do, like reaching your limit without any way of getting past that point…

Simply put, testosterone levels could be the reason, or not enough of it.  When levels are lower than they should be, the effects can hamper strength and muscle growth, libido and pretty much all aspects of male health.

We all hear the word testosterone – to most of it means masculinity – the gladiator style guy.  But in reality all men can benefit from maintaining good levels of the male hormone.

How It Works

Testosterone is a sex hormone and although largely found in men is also present in much small amounts in the female body.  In essence it is responsible for pretty much all male characteristics.

In order for the male to develop from early childhood, to the onset of puberty to adulthood.  The development of hair, sexual organs, muscle growth.  The male frame is determined through the production of testosterone.

Personality is also controlled to some degree by the levels of testosterone production.

Men who have a lower level of the hormone can feel less driven, have a lower sex drive testosterone-menand be more prone to carry extra body fat.  Some would say they feel less masculine.

The Natural Cycle 

Testosterone begins to increase as childhood progresses.  Boys tend to exhibit more aggression throughout their early years.  The hormone levels increase slightly during this period.

When puberty kicks in testosterone levels are greatly boosted as sexual maturity begins.

In the later teens and early 20’s levels are at their highest.

By the time the male hits his 30’s, testosterone levels start to drop, the decline can be almost unnoticeable to some but for others, changes can occur and not for the better.

Many men find the subtle changes no problem, until that is, they experience a dip in their sex drive or perhaps weight gain.  Basically low testosterone levels affect much more including muscle growth, strength and overall health. Sleep patterns and moods can also be affected.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Natural supplements to boost testosterone levels are fast becoming the popular choice, and not just for bodybuilders and athletes.  With this in mind we have done our research and compiled some information on what to look for and have listed the 3 products that we feel offer the best results.

We have based our findings on ingredients, trials and users feedback, guarantees and of course affordability.

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