SYNC Testosterone Booster

SYNC Ultra Testosterone Review

Enhances Everything Male

SYNC Testosterone is the end result of several years research by UK based Bauer Nutrition, the product – a 100% naturally formulated testosterone booster was developed to enhance ‘everything male’

Users should benefit from noticeable increases in:sync_testosterone_1

  • Strength
  • Muscle Mass
  • Sleep Quality
  • Energy
  • Sex Drive and Performance

along with reductions in stored body fat.

The Ingredients In SYNC

Bauer certainly researched their subject when formulating SYNC, the end results is a fully disclosed ingredient profile that is made up as follows:

  • Fenugreek 200mg
  • Ginseng 1000mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 300mg
  • Zinc 10mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 2300mg
  • Oyster Extract 100mg
  • Vitamin B6 50mg
  • Selenium 110mcg
  • Vitamin B2 20mg
  • Vitamin B5 12mg

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Daily Dose

The recommended dose is 4 capsules per day, ideally spread evenly through the day… we suggest taking at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before going to bed.


Users Feedback

Results are largely very positive, virtually all the users we spoke to reported back with some good gains in strength, improved muscle mass and the very welcome spike in sex drive..

SYNC is also perfect for any man suffering the effects of Low Testosterone

So far we have not heard any reports of any side effects either which is encouraging..

The makers have released an informative video that explains a little  more about Sync testosterone and how it works – its worth a watch:

Where Can You Buy SYNC Testosterone

The makers sell SYNC directly from their official website, they ship worldwide and give a 60 day cash back guarantee on all orders..

Cost wise, SYNC costs $57.45 (£34.95) for a months supply,. there are some good offers for larger orders, our vote for best buy is the buy 2 get 1 free offer which costs $130.90  (£79.90)

Our Thoughts

Bauer have certainly researched their niche and in SYNC have certainly developed a highly effective product… users feedback is promising and the 60 day cash back guarantee takes the risk away from trying a relatively new product..

We have rated SYNC as our #2 rated test booster…. who knows in time and with a greater track record under its belt, it could well be a future number 1…

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