Tribulus Terrestris

Can You Increase The Production Of Testosterone With Tribulis Terrestris

Can Tribulus Terrestris, The Ancient Remedy Deliver Results?

Traditional medicine has been using Tribulis Terrestris for several centuries.

Tribulis Terrestris is naturally high in Saponins, which will convert both DHEA as well as Starr_030612-0063_Tribulus_terrestrisAndrostendione into natural testosterone.

It is known that Saponins can increase the amount of our body’s luteinizing hormones, resulting in increases in natural testosterone production by as much as 30%.

Those who use Tribulis Terrestris feel more energized, often have improved libido, increased strength and better recovery from workouts.

High testosterone levels can increase muscle size, reduce overall body fat, and as a dramatic side effect, boost the libido and sex drive in the process.

There are no side effects to using Tribulis Terrestris, it is 100 percent natural and safe.

Does Tribulus Terrestris Really Work?

Specialists believe that it can indeed have a positive effect on testosterone production. When taken alone, it gives a boost to the sex drive, but doesn’t really have any influence on muscle bulk, however, products where Tribulus Terrestris is mixed with other ingredients are more successful in increasing muscle mass.

imagesMany testosterone boosting product include Tribulus Terrestris in their formula.

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